An Off-Road Package that Matters: The 2014 Ram Power Wagon October 02, 2014

ram power wagon It’s all too common today to see an off-road package advertised for a new truck and to have that “package” be graphics and a set of red tow hooks. We’ve grown so used to this watering down of off-road packages from the factory that it’s hard to get excited about them at all any more. While this might be the case for most trucks, the new Ram Power Wagon is busting through the stereotype and coming out as “the most off-road capable” production pickup truck, as said by Ram themselves. The closest thing to the Power Wagon is the standard Heavy Duty Ram, and there’s a big leap between the two. For starters, there’s over 2” of additional lift on the Power Wagon, 33-inch Wrangler Duratrack tires, and a Warn Winch, all as standard equipment.

The Suspension

Ram’s new Articulink suspension is a big reason this truck is so amazing. The new suspension setup uses high-movement joints to allow for not only flexibility, but excellent axle articulation, too. The suspension is so smart that you can disconnect the sway bar electronically, giving the front axle the ability to move independently of the frame. This Smart Bar can be disengaged from inside the cab while in motion in 4WD high or low-range as long as you’re under 18 MPH. Over this speed and it re-engages automatically. ram power wagon suspension The suspension gives the Power Wagon the best of both worlds: more articulation on the trail, and excellent handling on the road. This is helped even more by the Bilstein shocks on all four wheels, too. The Power Wagon has 14.5” of ground clearance, can ford water up to 30” deep, and has approach, departure, and breakover angles of 34*, 23.5*, and 25.5*, respectively.

Under the Hood

The best suspension in the world won’t get you anywhere without some horsepower, and this is where the Power Wagon earns its name. Open the hood and you’ll find a 6.4l HEMI V8 good for 410 horsepower and 429 lb-ft of torque. The engine has a Variable Valve Timing (VVT) system to keep fuel economy up and an electronically-controlled throttle to make sure lower-speed driving is still comfortable, too. ram power wagon engine This power is put to the wheels thanks to a 66RFE six-speed automatic transmission and a Borg Warner BW 44-47 transfer case. Like we said, this seems more and more like a custom truck, but these are all factory equipment. All this power leads to more than 10,000 pounds of towing capacity. Slowing this beast down is a set of 14” rotors all around, showing that this truck is big enough to have brake rotors the size of some small cars’ wheels.

Additional Features

As we mentioned up top, the Power Wagon comes stock with a Warn Winch that’ll pull 12,000 pounds that’s neatly tucked behind the front bumper that’ll get you or just about anyone else out of a tough situation. The bed has add-on features like RAMBOX bed-side storage, flat-folding seats, and even larger tires, if you think you need them. ram power wagon off-road

How Much Will the Power Wagon Cost?

If you want to pick up your own Power Wagon the base model will run you around $45,690 for the Tradesman, a little more for the SLT at $50,340, and if you want it all, the Laramie costs $56,015.

Bonus: Some History

The original Power Wagon was the first consumer truck that featured 4WD and came from the trucks that Dodge built for the American Military. These ¾ ton trucks were so useful that Dodge saw how it could easily work for consumers.

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