How Duracell Helps with Disaster Relief October 16, 2014

duracell-pwoer-forward-disaster-relief When disaster strikes one of the first necessities to go out is usually the power. While man survived without power for most of our time on Earth, people today rely on a constant source of power to live. From people with medical equipment to someone just wanting to tell their family they survived whatever disaster struck, having power is something we definitely take for granted. This is why Duracell launched their Power Forward program, which consists of a fleet of trucks and command vehicles that swoop in to help restore power and Internet access to disaster-ridden towns. People get to charge their devices and connect with loved ones and Duracell gets some pretty great advertising and PR, making this a real win-win situation. Here’s how Duracell makes it happen and get people powered back up.

What They Do

The Duracell Power Forward team looks for disaster and general times of need and travel to these places to provide those in need with power in the form of not only Duracell batteries for radios and flashlights, but they also provide charging stations and even Wi-Fi connectivity to go along with the free power. If the disaster was big enough that people even lost computers, Duracell provides computers to use as well. Basically the Power Forward trucks provide those without power a light in the dark, and thanks to some pretty great upgrades, they can get just about anywhere to lend a hand.

How They Do It

This fleet of disaster response vehicles started off with a single Chevy Kodiak. From there two “heavy haulers” were added to give Duracell a community center, charging stations (36 in total), four terminals with Internet access, and even a climate-controlled gathering area that can be used to help those sensitive to the elements warm up or cool off. In the past year the fleet expanded even more to now include a Chevy 2500 and three 3500 diesels. The 3500s have been lifted 6-inches and can drive through water up to five feet deep (!!) In other words, Duracell has made it so their fleet of power-giving trucks can get to just about any disaster to help out. While Duracell does this for the huge PR coverage it receives, at its heart, this is an amazing project that really does help people stay connected when they need it most. duracell-pwoer-forward-disaster-relief-heavy-hauler-1

In Action

The Power Forward team is so hard core that they’re officially working in conjunction with FEMA’s disaster-awareness initiatives as well as the Weather Channel and The goal of the fleet, as stated by Duracell is to get to any storm site in the continental US within 24 hours, which is done by having hubs in New Orleans, San Francisco, and St. Louis. Chances are you may see one of the Power Forward trucks out on a PR mission, so definitely check them out if you see one. Hopefully you never need their services but it’s nice to know they’re out there, ready to help. Most recently Power Forward has helped people affected by Hurricane Sandy in new York and New Jersey, but have jumped in to help with tornado-ravaged Tuscaloosa, AL as well. Overall, the Power Forward team has shown up to 14 disaster locations and helped charge more than 7,000 devices and has given out over 350,000 batteries. Check out the truck details below and read more about Power Forward here. duracell-pwoer-forward-heavy-hauler duracell-pwoer-forward-rugged-responder duracell-pwoer-forward-rapid-responder duracell-pwoer-forward-community-center   (Image credit Duracell)

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