The Shaman 8x8: Your End of the World Truck October 23, 2014

avtoros shaman There was a time that the best all-terrain vehicles out there were track driven, and the standard way of thinking was that tracks were the only way to go for extreme off road driving. This logic was pretty sound thinking; until that is that the Avtoros Shaman 8x8 came into existence. The Shaman will get you over land, mud, snow, and even water without even breaking a sweat. Designed and built by Russian firm Avtoros, the Shaman borders on ridiculous. Technically speaking, the Shaman is an all-wheel drive, 8x8, all-terrain off-road vehicle. Each axle has independent steering, which makes for some pretty interesting maneuverability. All this, along with some other pretty interesting features makes the Shaman a force to be reckoned with.

A Visit With The Shaman

A Shaman is defined as a person regarded as having access to the world of good and evil spirits. The Avtoros Shaman is really not far from this description. With it you can travel on roads with surprising maneuverability one minute and the next hit a trail that’s barely there and what is there is covered in mud and muck. Coming in at 6 meters long, 3 meters high, and 2.5 meters wide, the Shaman is a 2.5-ton monster of a truck that looks like something out of a James Bond movie. We mentioned that each axle has its own independent steering system, but what we didn’t mention was that the Shaman can actually switch between three different steering systems, including on-road driving with front-wheel driving with the front 4 wheels, off-road steering that includes active rear wheel steering, and crab mode, which allows all 8 wheels to turn. This can be turned on and off from the captain’s chair. shaman 8x8 steering The Shaman can carry 1.5 tons of cargo and can drive up 45-degree inclines. In place of the cargo you can also fit eight people behind the single driver seat, which is centered in the middle of the vehicle for maximum visibility and control.

A Greener Off-Road Vehicle

Avtoros believes that off-roading should be both fun as well as green and environmentally friendly. Tracked vehicles, which are common in snowy tundra conditions often damage the environment which can take up to 100 years to be fully erased. The Shaman uses its 8 wheels in place of tracks to be far less impactful on the environment. Eight wheels mean that at least four wheels are always on the ground, no matter how steep the incline it has to overcome. avtoros-shaman-8x8-04 Powered by a 146 HP 3-liter diesel engine mated to a six-speed transmission, the Shaman can reach speeds up to 50 MPH. You can choose a 130 HP gas engine as well as a 178 or 240 HP diesel engine as well.

End Of The World Approved

While the Shaman might not be the best vehicle for daily driving, it’s perfect for off-road, and in a world where roads are a thing of the past, it’s just about as perfect as you can get. With steering that can get around just about anything, enough power to get you along nicely, a winch, and even the ability to move down a body of water at around 4 MPH, or even just drift along the water, too. 1.bild Overall, the Shaman is about as close to a Warthog as any of us are going to get, but sadly you’ll have to head over to Russia and custom order one to get your own. Orders are taking around 4 months currently so you better book that plain ticket now so you’re ready when the zombies show up.

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