The New Jeep Cherokee Dakar is a Thing of Beauty November 02, 2014

The new Jeep Cherokees are pretty awesome, but it’s not like Jeep to leave well enough alone, so they’ve gone ahead and made a good thing even better. The Dakar edition Jeep Cherokee looks amazing. From the paint job to the wheels to the beautiful interior, this Cherokee has a lot to offer.

The Exterior

The first thing you see when looking at any car, truck, or SUV is obviously the exterior, so that’s a perfect place to start. The Dakar edition Cherokee starts off with a Silver Steel Satin Gloss exterior. This paint job gives the Cherokee an airbrushed look that highlights the curves and bodylines of the new Jeep Cherokee perfectly.

The silver paint is offset with red highlights throughout the exterior. Starting with the windows, the red trim helps to delineate out the glass and give the sides a boxy look that’s oddly welcome. The red trip carries over to the hood where it outlines a center of matte black paint, too.

Along with these trim pieces, the red highlights carry over to the grille where you’ll find offset highlights on two of the seven grille openings. This offset highlight idea is also seen on the black wheels as well with two of the five spokes highlighted red. The tow hooks on the front are red, and the badging is red, too.

In a world where color tends to be overused, it looks perfectly in place on the Dakar Cherokee.

The Interior

Inside the Dakar Cherokee you’ll find prototype Katzkin leather seats with inserts that match the matte silver exterior. The red highlights are brought inside by way of red stitching in the seats, steering wheel, and shift boot. There are flame red inserts in the dash and infotainment center, and floor mats, cargo tray, and door sills all carry these design cues to make an interior that’s colorful while being reserved.


Sure, looking great is important, but without performance all you have is a pretty package. The Dakar Cherokee doesn’t stop with looking good, it’s been improved from the ground up to be worthy of the name Dakar.

Starting with the wheels, the Dakar Cherokee uses 33-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tires mounted to 17-inch satin clear coat wheels. These extra beefy tires give this Cherokee extra ability to get through mud and dirt while looking pretty mean. Since these are larger than expected for the Cherokee, the wheel wells have ben modified and wider fender flares have been added to account for the special wheels. The fender flares are mounted with riveted bolts to give a mean look while being purposeful.

The front and rear fascia have been customized to allow for increased approach and departure angles of 32 and 39 degrees, respectively. This accounts for 4 and 6 degrees of improvement. The Dakar Cherokee has a 48:1 crawl ratio thanks to Jeep factory upgrades.

The Dakar edition is lifted two inches over factory and even with this lift and larger tires, Jeep gave the Dakar edition Jeep Performance Parts rock rails, an oil plan skid plate, front suspension skid plate, and a two-piece fuel tank and underbody skid plate for additional safety.


Overall, the Dakar Cherokee concept is pretty amazing. While this is still a concept, we’re hoping that Jeep puts this into production because we wouldn’t mind having one in our driveways.

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