Check Out the 2015 Bushwacker Ford F-150 November 02, 2014

The SEMA show is a great time of year. Can manufacturers and aftermarket producers alike crowd the convention floor in Las Vegas to showcase everything from new vehicles to new upgrades, to just about everything else you can imagine for your vehicle.

Like many aftermarket companies, Bushwacker has built a truck to showcase their offerings is the best way possible: in action. While we wait for some pictures of the finished product, here’s some information on what is turning out to be a real killer build.

The Idea Behind the Truck

While the key idea behind any SEMA truck is to showcase the offerings from a specific company, there is generally a theme behind each vehicle that ties all the upgrades together. For the 2015 Bushwacker F-150 the purpose behind the build is the idea of an off-road support vehicle. In other words, when you’re off-roading and you get stuck or broken down, it may very well be a truck like this that comes to your aid.

The finished truck will feature equipment focused around this central idea of off-road support for off-road racers, trail riders, and just about any other type of activity that isn’t pavement-bound.

While there’s a lot of equipment coming along with the 2015 F-150, the focal point of the build will be the equipment from Bushwacker themselves, mostly their signature Pocket Style Fender Flares.

The Upgrades

The Bushwacker F-150 may have started life as a bone-stock Ford, but that quickly changed as soon as the guys at Bushwacker got their hands on it. For starters, as we mentioned above, they’re using the Pocket Style Fender Flares to accommodate the larger Mickey Thompson 20x9 SideBiter II wheels that are wrapped in Mickey Thompson 35x12.50R20 Baja MTZ tires. The flares help to keep mud, rocks, and other debris from damaging the truck and messing up the paint job.

Speaking of protecting the paint, Bushwacker added a Stampede Vigilante Premium hood protector to keep debris form the guy in front of the truck from dinging the hood with a rock. Stampede Tape-Onz Sidewinds window visors were added to allow for the windows to be cracked while avoiding rain and spray from getting inside. The truck got a lift from a Skyjacker 6” lift kit, and to get up into the higher truck, Bestop Powerboards were installed.

For better visibility Vision X 6.7” and 8.7” LED lights were installed as well as a Rigid Industries lightbar above the windshield.

The Tools

All the upgrades listed above are great for getting to the person that needs help, but what it also needs is some tools to actually help the person out once they get there. The Bushwacker F-150 answers this call with a WARN Zeon 10 winch that’s capable of pulling 10,000 lbs with a single line. Next, you’ll find an ARB air compressor on board as well as Additional ARB fuel canisters and a Mac’s tool box filled with various tools and tie downs. Hi-Lift provided an off-road jack and the remainder of the tools and supplies fit into cargo boxes sourced from CargoGlide.

Everything Else

There’s a lot more to this build than what we’ve listed above. Much of it won’t be available until the truck makes its debut at SEMA, but if you’re interested in finding out more, follow along via Bushwacker’s Instagram or Facebook account.

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