You Definitely Need This Concept Ram 2500 From AEV on Your Next Expedition November 14, 2014

Built for the 2014 SEMA show in Las Vegas, the American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) 2015 Ram 2500 concept truck is a thing of beauty. Featuring a bevy of both prototype and production parts from AEV, the truck is reserved while being a beast just under the surface. AEV designs upgrades and add-ons to make off-roading more fun and safer. To this point they teamed up with Ram Trucks to build their concept truck for the industry-only show in Vegas.

Starting Off

The AEV Ram started its life as a standard transmission Ram 2500. This truck comes from the factory with a 6.7L Cummins turbo diesel that’s good for 385hp with 865 lb-ft of torque. This big, torque-heavy truck was the perfect starting point for the build, as it has the power necessary to get in and out of some pretty hairy situations while still being very drivable and reserved when it needs to be.

The Upgrades

Once AEV got their hands on the Ram 2500 things started to change pretty quickly. For starters, the bed was completely removed and replaced with a Ute LTD Tray Bed, the likes of which are popular in Australia. While the bed was off AEV thought it was a good idea to upgrade the fuel tank to get a little more range for those long expeditions, so they added a Titan Fuel Tank that’s capable of holding 66 gallons of diesel.

Rounding out the rear end of the truck is an AEV box style rear bumper and new Vision X rear lights. Heading down the sides of the truck you’ll see some pretty huge wheel wells for the rear tires; these are part of the box style bed, but match the look and feel of this expeditionary vehicle perfectly.

Continuing the travel up the truck you’ll see some AEEV high clearance fender flares on the front. These are definitely needed, as AEV upgraded the tires and wheels on this ride to 17x10-inch Katla wheels wrapped in massive 41-inch Super Swamper IROK Radial tires. Like any good expedition truck, there’s a fifth one of these monsters in the bed, too.

Connected to these wheels is a 3-inch lift thanks to a DualSport suspension system. Since all of this means the AEV Ram can cross some seriously deep water, the intake was moved up to a snorkel air intake at roof level. There’s a set of ARB USA (ARB Air Locker) Air Lockers to keep you moving and a WARN 16.5 Winch if you or someone else gets stuck. To support the winch is an AEV Premium Front Bumper that not only hides a winch, but looks damn good while doing it.

The front is rounded out with more Vision X lighting that’s upgraded to be bright enough to get you through even the darkest of trails. Overall, the American Expedition Vehicles Ram Concept truck features a host of prototype AEV components that allowed it to clear some massive tires while giving it real world off-road performance in a well-rounded package. In short, it’s definitely a truck you want on an expedition.

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