Could This Be The Best Looking Chevy Colorado Yet? November 20, 2014

The Chevy Colorado started life in 2004 as a replacement for the S-10. Since its launch there have been quite a few variants of the smaller truck, but overall the Colorado has remained mostly uninspired and plain, until now.

The 2015 Chevy Colorado ZR2 is possibly the most impressive and most attractive Colorado yet, and for good reason. From bigger tires to upgraded locking differentials to new paint and a new hood; the ZR2 is what a dedicated off-road variant should be. While still just an idea for now, there’s a real chance this beast could see the light of production, and soon.


Starting outside the first big upgrade is a larger set of wheels and tires thanks to BFGoodrich 275/65R18 tires on new Chevy chrome and brushed metal wheels. From here you’ll find King remote-reservoir shocks with beefier control arms to make the ride a little better in tougher conditions. Pair this with the electronically locking front and rear differentials and you have one tough off-road machine.

The front and rear bumpers were updated to include a built-in winch in the front and a tighter bumper in the rear. These updates give the ZR2 a 30.7-degree and 22.7-degree approach and departure angle, respectively. The new bumpers and fender flares give the truck an extra four inches of width and while this doesn’t help traction, it gives the truck a more aggressive look that the Colorado desperately needs.

Moving up you’ll see the new color called Cyprus Green, GM’s GearOn cargo mounts, and a high-lift jack, all stock.


This variant of the Colorado takes things a little differently than most off-road rigs by using a 2.8L Duramax diesel that touts 181 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque. Currently this engine isn’t available in the Colorado, but will be in both the Canyon and the Colorado in 2016.

What Makes It Special

Until now the Colorado hasn’t had a real direction in its design and was fine being the smaller truck in Chevy’s lineup. This ZR2 variant gives the truck a soul it was lacking and beefs it up enough to make it worthy of being called off-road.

Chevy’s Colorado marketing manager Tony Johnson puts it best:

"It is inspired by the needs for traversing rock-strewn trails, as well as the aesthetics of competition-style vehicles such as pre-runners – with all elements contributing to safe, sustainable off-road driving... we'll gauge the public's interest in this concept as we continue to explore the possibilities for the all-new Colorado."

In other words, the new Colorado is a mix of show and go that doesn’t lean too heavily in either direction. Hopefully we’ll see this new ride in the not-so-distant future but for now all we can do is hope.

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