Yo, I heard You Liked Off-Roading So… December 01, 2014

If you’ve ever watched “Pimp My Ride” on MTV you know where this joke is heading, but in case you haven’t, let’s catch up. In the show rapper Xzibit took people’s rides and made them into rolling amalgamations of add-ons and upgrades that rarely made for a drivable vehicle.

While most of the cars and trucks built on the show were far from memorable, the one memorable part of the show was Xzibit himself. His signature line of “Yo dawg I heard you like…” made for ridiculous unveilings. For example, he might say “Yo dawg I heard you like video screens so we put a video screen inside your video screen!” While most of these were ridiculous and completely unnecessary upgrades, the joke lives on today.

Now that you’re familiar with the joke, seeing the Royalty Core F-350 Super Duty that was on display at this year’s SEMA show should bring thoughts of Xzibit to mind, but in a much better way. This massive truck not only has off-road prowess itself, but it comes with a custom rack built to mount a Polaris RZR ATV onto. With two ways to get your off-road fix, this is something the guys on Pimp My Ride could only dream of.


Starting with the exterior, the guys at Royalty Core started with a killer candy apple red paint job that makes this truck shine more than any other Super Duty you’ve ever seen. From here the accessories and replacement parts start being tacked on. Since the truck is built by Royalty Core you’ll find a bevy of their products on the truck including an RC2X custom grille and bumper inserts that fit perfectly into the Fusion front bumper. You’ll also find a Royalty Core Headache Rack installed as well.

Moving along you’ll find Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares installed to not only give the truck a tougher look, but to protect that beautiful paint from the bigger wheels. Speaking of those wheels, this ride has 24” Hostile Hammered wheels that’re color-matched to the truck and wrapped in 40x14.50R24LT Interco tires. The truck got a helping hand in regard to height thanks to a Bulletproof Suspensions 15” lift kit and suspension system, so those wheels fit perfectly under the red giant.

The custom front bumper is home to a Warn ZEON12 winch and some Spyder Auto LED lights as well as a set of Monster Hooks. Royalty Core chose a custom Cervinis Type IV Ram Air Hood to get more air into the monster engine and to look good, too.

Rounding out the exterior you’ll find AMP Research steps with LED lights, spiked lug nuts from V&V Concepts, and an assortment of Vision X LED lights.


Moving inside you’ll find custom door panel inserts that are color matched to the exterior as well as Husky Liners Floor mats. The audio system has been fully reworked and is all Kicker from front to back. Not happy with just upgrading speakers, the Royalty Core guys added a host of amps and crossovers to boost the power and tweak the sound just right so the upgraded speakers with their custom LED grilles sound their best.

The head unit is a video system with headrest monitors and Bluetooth capabilities. The in-dash unit controls everything, but separate screens can view their own content, too.


A pretty face will only get you so far in this world, so you need a lot of go to back up your show, and this Super Duty Ford doesn’t disappoint. To make the engine breathe better there’s an S&B Filters intake kit on the front and a full MBRP exhaust system on the back, complete with dual black ceramic-coated tailpipes.

To get more out of the turbo there’s an H&S intercooler and piping kit as well as Mag-Hytec differential and oil pan covers. To tune everything up there’s an Edge Evolution CTS Programmer that uses a touchscreen display and can get this truck running its best with a few taps of the screen.


This is one mean truck that comes with a smaller truck for really getting into the backcountry. While it’s definitely a show truck, this ride could get out into the rough in no time, as long as you don’t mind a few scratches to that beautiful paint job.

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