Could This Be The Most Extreme Armored 4x4 Ever? December 16, 2014

Anyone who’s ever played the game Halo has wanted to drive a Warthog in real life. If you haven’t played the quintessential Xbox game, then basically we’re talking about a go-anywhere 4x4 that has enough armor to withstand just about anything. While you may not have a chance at driving a real Warthog, this new armored 4x4 being used by the Israeli military might be the closest any of us will ever get.

Israeli Military Industries (IMI) created the Combat Guard to fill a need it had for an extreme off-road scout/recon vehicle. While there are quite a few scout/recon vehicles in use by militaries around the world, the Combat Guard might be the most extreme.

With 54-inch tires and almost three feet of ground clearance, there isn’t much that will trip this 4x4 up. The massive tires are run by a 6.5L GM Cobra Diesel that’s good for 300 horsepower, which will get IMI’s machine up to 95 mph on road and 75 mph off the road.

Speaking of off-road, the Combat Guard has a 90-degree approach angle and a departure angle to match. This means it can climb up 70-degree slopes as well as ford up to five feet of water without issue. It’s so versatile that it can even clear a two and a half foot vertical obstacle.

When it comes to military preparedness, the Combat Guard has some secrets hiding under the surface. The raised floor in the eight-passenger compartment shows there is some serious protection from mines and IEDs going on. It’s not clear whether it’s a V-body design or hardcore explosion protection, but with mines and IEDs a major concern in Israel’s part of the world; you can bet whatever it is, it’s strong.


The eight passengers can fit into IMI’s machine fully armored and ready for deployment, which is done via a gullwing exit door. When it comes to the Combat Guard there’s a lot that can be changed up thanks to a modular design. This means it can be heavily armored and somewhat slow or lightly armored and lightning fast.

The weapons on the Combat Guard are all remote controlled so they can be operated from within the safety of the armor and run the gamut from basic heavy machine guns to grenade launchers.

The design hasn’t been fully adopted just yet and the Israeli military are starting to test this APC/scout hybrid to see if it’s up to muster for the tasks at hand. The design of the Combat Guard focuses on a mix of extreme mobility and advanced protection from all sides, including the bottom. This mix is what makes IMI’s entry into the APC world so interesting. From total off-road conditions to urban environments, the Combat Guard seems to have it all.

One last thing to mention, the name Combat Guard doesn’t really seem to roll off your tongue but when you look at the word in Hebrew it resembles our word for Bodyguard more, which seems very fitting.

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