The Extang 2015 Ford F-150 January 05, 2015

Being first is pretty great. Whether it’s first in line for desert, first out the door for vacation, or first to cross the finish line, it’s good to be first. Ford agrees with this idea, which is why they’re the first company ever to release a truck with a body made entirely from aluminum. The new Ford F-150 for 2015 touts the title of first all-aluminum body truck, giving it better power to weight ratio and better fuel economy while keeping the same strength and reliability that we’ve come to expect from Ford.

The new F-150 is so unique that a few of the companies showing their wares at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas were able to get their hands on them and use the truck for their project vehicle, making these project trucks stand out even more.

Take for example the folks over at Extang. They decided to use the new F-150 to not only showcase their tonneau covers, but to do some good and give some students a chance to show what they can do.

The Build

Extang started with a stock 2015 Ford F-150 with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. Instead of taking the truck to a big-name shop to get customized, the tonneau cover maker decided to do something different and take the truck to Washtenaw Community College in the company’s hometown of Ann Arbor Michigan. The students in the advanced auto and paint class were given the truck to customize themselves, which they turned into the ultimate work truck.

The result is no less than spectacular. For starters, the amazing exterior look of the truck was accomplished with paint instead of a wrap, as many SEMA vehicles receive. The look is flawless and the 2-tone paint job is something to be proud of fur sure. Overall, the truck is clean, functional, and definitely not over the top. The Extang F-150 is something that could be driven for work as well as play.

The Upgrades

The aluminum F-150 received far more than a custom paint job however. For starters, intake and exhaust were beefed up thanks to an AIRAID Air Intake in the front and a Ford Racing Exhaust in the back. The EcoBoost engine puts out enough power for the task the truck was built for, so other than these upgrades, the rest of the work was done mostly for looks and functionality.

Starting at the bottom, the truck received 20x10 American Force Burnout SS6 wheels wrapped in 285/60/R20 rubber from Goodyear in the form of their Duratrac tires. To make way for these wheels, the truck received a BDS Suspension 4-inch lift kit and Bushwacker Pocket Style fender flares to make sure that pretty paint wasn’t hurt with rocks and debris from the more aggressive tires. Under the doors are Ford step bars to help with entry into the higher truck.

On the front end you’ll find Rigid Industries LED lights in front of the grille mounted to a custom add-on frame that attaches over the stock bumper. Moving up the truck to the roof there’s a Rhino Rack roof rack for attaching work equipment like ladders and the like, and a DeeZee headache rack behind the cab to add mounting points and to keep you from catching a tool to the back of the head.

Finishing up in the bed, there’s a BedRug Bed Liner to keep the aluminum bed safe and sound as well as a BedSlide sliding bed tray to make it easy to get tools and equipment out from the ground. Inside the bed you’ll find a variety of tools with the Power Tank CO2 Air System installed for powering pneumatic tools. Finally, all of this is covered up and secured with a tonneau cover from none other than Extang.

The truck is clean, simple, and totally usable. The students at Washtenaw Community College worked extra hard on this truck and their level of skill and dedication to their craft shows.

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