The All New 2016 Toyota Tacoma January 09, 2015

It’s hard to argue against the Toyota Tacoma being one of the best small trucks around. Toyota started building the Tacoma in the United States in 1995 and has built it here ever since, also adding a Mexico facility for assembly as well.

The Tacoma started life as a compact pickup but today is considered a mid-size truck that’s competitive with other American-made trucks.

The newest iteration of the Tacoma is the 3rd generation for the truck, and this release is possibly the best yet. The first redesign in nearly a decade will be released at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and sometime thereafter to a waiting public.

Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot that we know about the truck just yet, as Toyota has been pretty tight-lipped about the new Tacoma. What we do have is some pretty nice pictures and an active imagination, so take a look below at the all-new Toyota Tacoma and what we think about the newest Taco.

At First Glance

First impressions mean everything, and the new Tacoma gives a pretty great one. The example they’ve chosen to share with us is a bright blue model with a crew cab. The lines are dramatically updated from the 2nd generation that it’s replacing. The front and rear seem to be the biggest changes with the sides bearing a striking resemblance to the current model, which is a good thing.

Starting with the front end, the new Tacoma has a rugged, chiseled look that alludes to the off-road livery most likely hiding under the hood and attached to the wheels. The headlights seem to follow the new trend most recently seen in the new Jeep Wrangler by keeping themselves narrow and long, blending into the architectural lines of the front fascia.

Heading around back, the truck’s rear end features an upgraded tailgate who’s central feature is a Tacoma logo stamped right into the metal. Above this is the tailgate handle and lock, which looks like it’s hiding some feature to the left of the handle. This could be a light or possibly a power tailgate button. Either way, it’s an upgrade from what’s available now, and it looks great. Finishing out the tailgate is a dramatic wing-like indentation that runs across the top of the tailgate and finishes on either side above the taillights. Overall, the rear end of the 2016 Tacoma looks as chiseled as the front, giving the truck definition it was missing in the past while not being over the top.

The Details

Like we said, there aren’t too many details available yet except for what Toyota’s pictures show. For starters, the truck pictured has a V6 badge on it, so you don’t have to be a detective to assume it comes with some form of Toyota’s current V6, Chances are they’ll also offer a 4-cylinder version too, as it makes sense to stay competitive with the likes of the Colorado and Canyon.

Other than that, we’re as in the dark as you, for now. When the truck is released at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show we’ll all get to see exactly what Toyota put together, whether it’s new hotness or the same old in a shinier package.

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