Things are Getting Dark with the 2015 GMC Canyon Nightfall Edition January 24, 2015

Few things look cooler than a big black truck. They’re dark, extra shiny, and seem to blend in while standing out all at the same time. GMC is aware of this, and to take full advantage of the inherent cool factor of black trucks, they’ve released the Nightfall Edition of their Canyon for 2015.

This stealthy truck starts out with Onyx Black paint and from there receives a host of other black on black treatment. The grill is blacked out except for the GMC logo, the sidesteps are all black, the wheels are brushed metal with black inserts, and even the beadliner comes sprayed in as, you guessed it, all black.

There is a little chrome for accept purposes on the truck though. The exhaust tip is a chrome addition and as mentioned, the 18-inch wheels are brushed with black inserts. All in all, the truck is dark without being too menacing.

The truck gets some top-notch treatment past just the paint job though. Standard from the factory you’ll get automatic climate control and remote start as well as the aforementioned larger wheels and chrome exhaust tip.

One of the few options available on the dark truck is whether or not you want it in 4WD, which really isn’t a choice, now is it? Whatever you choose, the truck comes with the Canyon’s 3.6-liter V6 that’s good for 305 horsepower and 269 lb-ft of torque.

While this is far from a massive custom edition truck, it does show that manufacturers are hearing consumers and seeing what the custom world is doing. While customizing a truck is great, it’s far less work to buy a truck new that’s already partially custom as the bedliner and grille help the Nightfall to be.

Along with these Nightfall-specific features, the Canyon comes with some pretty great options. For example, you can equip the truck with lane departure warning and forward collision alert so you have less chance of getting into an accident. There’s the available 8-inch color touch screen that controls the infotainment center, and even an EZ-Lift tailgate that makes opening and closing the tailgate a breeze. The headlights receive the LED treatment with accent lights and projector-beam main lights.

Overall, the monochromatic treatment of the Nightfall edition Canyon is the biggest feature, and something that’s certain to make this truck stand out from the crowd. Sure, features like the remote start and automatic heating and cooling system are great, but it’s the black grille, Dark Agent metallic cast-aluminum wheels, and jet black/cobalt red seats that make the truck truly stand out.

Performance is great, but first impressions are everything. The Nightfall edition looks great, is packed with features, and if GMC would only include a train horn in the package, we’d give it an A+.

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