Check Out Ken Block’s Custom RaptorTRAX February 01, 2015

Snow tires aren’t cool. Sure, they look beefier and get you around better in the snow, but you know what is cool? Tank treads. So what happens when you take one of the coolest trucks to hit the market in recent history and replace the tires with four treads instead? Well, you get the best damn winter ride out there but you also get Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX.

What is RaptorTRAX?

RaptorTRAX is the latest creation to come from the Hoonigan team and Ken Block. It’s built by Special Vehicle Concepts in California for Ken and is, in short, pretty awesome. They started with a 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor and went to town on it adding a variety of upgrades including exterior, interior, performance, a killer paint and wrap job, and most importantly a set of four Mattracks wheel tracks that make this truck go over snow like it’s pavement. The truck was designed to be the ultimate backcountry vehicle for snowboarding expeditions and after seeing it in action; it’s hard to disagree.

The Details

Block started with a Ford Racing prepared F-150 SVT Raptor and from there gave it to Special Vehicle Concepts in California. Here, the truck gained exterior upgrades like snowboard racks on the bed, a roof basket for carrying gear, a rear roll cage, and even a rear-facing winch custom built into the rear bumper. The bed of the truck has two Recaro racing seats mounted to it and protected by the rear roll cage. These are perfect for bringing a few extra friends along for the trip up the mountain.


Outside you’ll also find lighting upgrades from Rigid Industries including a roof-mounted light bar, a lower under-grille light bar, and some accent lighting all around. The rear features LED lights and rear-facing LED light pods so no matter the direction, you’ll have enough light with this truck.


Obviously the biggest external upgrade is the Mattracks installed in place of each wheel. The custom-painted tracks are bright blue with black and help to get the Raptor over snow like it was solid ground. These not only give the truck it’s wild look, but so much traction that when Ken decided to try and do a burnout, he had to connect the rear winch to a wall just to break free!

Under the hood is where the real magic is, though. The truck started with the Raptor’s 6.2L V8 and from there added a Whipple supercharger to make the power go from ridiculous to near insane. Upgrades to exhaust and intake help the supercharger breathe easier, too.

Overall, Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX is upgraded from the ground up. The bumpers are removed in place of minimalistic support, there’s skid plates galore, and the suspension has been completely reworked to support the Mattracks. If you’re looking to get to the top of the mountain as quickly as possible, this is definitely the way.

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