5 Tips for Getting Un-Stuck in the Snow February 04, 2015

Winter is in full swing and if you’re one of the lucky people that live where it snows regularly, then you’ve probably gotten stuck in the fluffy white stuff at least once. IT doesn’t matter if you have 2WD or 4WD; you’re bound to get stuck sometime. Unlike mud or sand, when you’re stuck in snow it usually also means you’re stuck in near or below freezing weather, so the need to get un-stuck quickly is not only important, but possibly life-saving. 

While having a 4WD helps with not getting stuck in the snow, it isn’t a guarantee, so check out the five tips below to get yourself un-stuck in the snow and stay safe this winter.

1. Don’t Spin Your Tires

This is possibly the most important tip in this list. If you think you’re stuck, don’t just sit and spin your tires. Not only can this dig you into a deeper hole, but the friction will melt the snow and that water will quickly turn into ice, which makes the situation worse.

If you feel yourself spinning it’s best to stop and evaluate the situation. If you don’t think you can quickly get out of the spot you’re in, then try the rest of the tips below, just don’t spin.

2. Dig Out Around Your Tires

It’s important to keep a small shovel with your truck, especially in the winter. It’s surprising what just digging a little in front of your stuck tires can do for getting you back in action.

The remainder of the tips below will all benefit from having the tires dug around first, so dig yourself out first and if you’re still stuck move on to tip #3.

3. Put Down a Traction Aid

The big reason you’re stuck in the snow is because, well, snow is slippery. Anything you can do to make it less slippery is a very good thing. This means kitty litter (fresh, obviously), salt, or sand are all great choices to get you moving. Toss a few handfuls down in front and behind each tire is a great way to give you just enough traction to get out of the hole you’re in.

If you’re in a bind and don’t have any of these available, you can lay down boards or sticks/small logs in front of your tires to give you traction. Be careful here though, as it’s easy to shoot these out the back of your truck and anyone or anything there can get hit with them.

4. Use Chains

If the traction aids didn’t do the job, it’s time for chains. Sometimes snow can be just slick enough to not give rubber tires any traction, which is why chains are so great. Chains can give you just enough traction to get you moving again and bite into snow that would otherwise be too slippery.

If you have a 4WD truck, put the chains on the front tires if you only have one set, since the engine will give them a little extra weight.

5. Momentum is Your Friend

After you’ve done all the tips above, the final thing to remember is that momentum is the ticket for getting un-stuck. When you’ve done everything above, rock your truck forward and backward little by little. This helps you build momentum until you have enough to get yourself out.

Nothing happens fast in the snow, when you’re stuck your only chance on getting our is to take it little by little. By doing this you can get yourself un-stuck without spinning and take advantage of all the other tips you’ve already done.

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