This Might Be The Meanest 1969 Ford F-100 Ever Built February 14, 2015

The Ford F-Series trucks have always been pretty great. The F-100’s built in the 1960’s were somewhat boxy with a unique look that has made them perfect for restoring and upgrading. While most folks with one of these trucks upgrade the engine to a newer Ford model, or just trick out the original, there are some people out there that don’t hold to convention at all and will put any engine they want into their truck 

As is the case with this 1969 F-100 from Tommy Pike Customs. The mild-mannered looking green F-100 is hiding a beast under its hood, and it’s no Ford power plant either. Propelling this truck down the road is an LSA supercharged V8 from a second generation Cadillac CTS-V. The engine puts out a whopping 800 horsepower thanks partially to an estimated 20 pounds of boost. While many see the act of placing a rival automaker’s engine in the Ford as a sacrilege, we see it as one of the meanest F-100s ever built, and however it’s done, it’s amazing.

The truck itself looks fairly mild-mannered on the outside, but the custom wheels, lowered suspension, and custom jade green paint job do give a few hints that the truck is something special. Once the truck is running though, any though that it might be anywhere near normal quickly falls away.

Speaking of how the truck looks, Tommy Pike Customs chose to give the truck a Quaker State-themed paint job, focusing on the green and gold the company is known for. The jade green paint was applied with a satin finish, and the areas that would be chrome feature the gold from the logo. The truck was built to resemble an old shop truck on the outside and drag racer on the inside.

To help get that 800HP to the road, the first big upgrade the truck received was a change from the twin I-beam suspension to four-wheel independent. To make sure the truck can stop as well as it goes, all four wheels now sport hefty disc brakes, too. The frame was reinforced to account for the extra power, and nearly every piece of the undercarriage was adjusted in some way to fit the GM power train.

Tommy describes the truck as a nice compact high-horsepower truck that drives like any car sold today. The lowered suspension and massive tires help to keep the beast on the road while the upgraded suspension makes sure every corner is aptly hugged and each acceleration actually makes it to the pavement.

While there are some trucks out there that are massively customized and feature parts from a few dozen or more companies, this F-100 by Tommy Pike Customs is clean, simple, and stupid fast.

About Tommy Pike Customs

Tommy Pike Customs is a custom vehicle shop located in Greenville, SC. They feature upgrades ranging from addition of superchargers to full engine builds, to completely custom design packages. Check out their gallery here to see some of the other rides they’ve worked on. While many of them aren’t trucks, the level of skill is still hard to miss.



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