The All Terrain Warriors Alpha Expeditionary Vehicle February 16, 2015

So you’re looking for something to survive the end of the world with and you’re not quite sure what you should get. Maybe your needs are a little less than this, and you just want to go on safari in comfort and style. Whatever the case, the Alpha Expeditionary Vehicle from All Terrain Warriors is exactly what you’re looking for.

The Alpha Expeditionary Vehicle, or AEV, is built on the Mitsubishi Fuso platform, but other than the basic cab and frame, the rest of this mean ride is all custom. The AEV starts life as any other Fuso truck would, with a 2-person cab that flips to the front for engine and transmission access. The first big change that’s made from the traditional Fuso though is the removal of the dual rear tires and replacement with a single set. This is done so the front and rear wheels track the same, making ruts easier to attack and limiting the risk of rocks getting caught between the two sets of rear wheels.


The next big change has to do with the rear of the cab. Instead of the standard rear window, the AEV has a crawlspace that allows the occupants to cross between the cab and living quarters without having to go outside. The front of the truck body received a beefy pushbar to get you through the underbrush with ease as well as an integrated Warn winch and Hella spotlights. In the back of the living quarters on the outside you’ll find another Warn winch as well as two spare tires mounted on an assisted-lowering device.

Speaking of the living quarters, the AEV fits three passengers in the rear compartment comfortably, with the ability for up to five sleeping. The roof in the living quarters comes in one of two options: first, you can get a traditional hard roof that’s good for 6’4” of headroom, and second you can get a retractable roof that adds another 5 inches of headspace while keeping the retracted height a little shorter than the hard roof version. Outside of the living quarters portion of the AEV you’ll also find a sun shade for sitting outside that will stop rain as well as sun with ese.

The passenger compartment is also fully climate controlled, with a massive air conditioner and a diesel heater setup. Additional power for the rear compartment comes via a few methods. There is an auxiliary diesel generator, roof-mounted solar panels, or the standard 120v converted 12v engine alternator. Speaking of the engine, the AEV comes standard with a 3L inline 4 Mercedes turbo diesel that’s good for an average of 17 MPG, even though it pulls more than 14,000 pounds fully loaded. This, paired with the 41-gallon diesel tank makes for some pretty great range. You can even attach more fuel tanks to the roof racks, too.

While all of this is great, what makes the AEV so special is the off-road and survival capabilities it offers. The truck comes with 19.5-inch wheels with your choice of tires, giving the AEV 10.5-inches of ground clearance and superb approach and departure angles. Overall, the AEV is 86 inches wide on the exterior, and 22.5-feet long. There’s even a freshwater tank in the AEV that has a 3M water filter attached to the filler so you can pump water into the tank from various water sources without fear of water-borne illnesses.

Overall, the Alpha Expeditionary Vehicle is an amazing piece of hardware that’s just as good for a weekend out in the wild or extended time bugging out from a bad situation in style.

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