Jeep Jamborees Explained February 24, 2015

Jeep owners are a special breed. Maybe it comes from the unique history of America’s favorite off-road vehicle, or maybe the brand just attracts people that truly love to off-road. Whatever the case, Jeep people are definitely different, in a very good way.

It’s this difference that bred the Jeep Jamboree. To be correct, we should actually say Jeep Jamborees, as these events are currently held in 21 states across a variety of terrain and climates. A standard Jeep Jamboree is a two-day event that’s focused around every Jeep owner’s favorite pastime: off-roading.

Unlike other events, Jeep Jamborees are very family friendly, and cater to every level of experience, so even those brand-new to off-roading can enjoy themselves. Jamborees are all about off-road fun and enjoying the outdoors responsibly, but other than that, most people don’t know much more. So what makes a Jeep Jamboree? Read on to find out.

Jeep Jamboree Format

Like we mentioned above, a Jeep Jamboree is a two-day event that starts on a Thursday night and goes through full days on both Saturday and Sunday. Both days include a full day of trail riding with breaks for food and a return to a rally point for dinner.

While food is provided in these events, lodging is not. The organizers do a great job at highlighting local lodging, including hotels, camp sites, and RV lots, but it’s up to you to find somewhere to sleep.

What You Need to Jamboree

All you need to join in a Jeep Jamboree is a Jeep vehicle with a 4-LO transfer case. That means you can have a Wrangler that’s modded for hardcore rock climbing, or a Grand Cherokee that looks like it just drove off the lot. Jamborees have trained organizers available to help coach drivers of all experience levels and vehicle layouts.

It is required for you to have a CB radio in your Jeep. The trail guides transmit important safety and obstacle tips over the radio, so having one is definitely a necessity. The Jeep you bring along also has to have front and rear tow points with grade-eight bolts. In lieu of these, drawbars, receiver hitches, or d-ring anchors are acceptable. You also have to have a full-sized spare with you, and the Jeep you use must be licensed and road legal. If any of these are missed, you will most likely be turned away without refund, so make sure you’re in compliance.

Other than this, you just need to bring along a sense of adventure and want to meet some like-minded Jeep owners. The only other thing you’ll need to bring along is your checkbook, as Jeep Jamborees aren’t free, but more on that in a bit. With this, you’re all set to hit the trail and have some fun with a fleet of other Jeeps.

Recommended Equipment

While not required, organizers do have a list of suggested additional equipment that will make your trail ride even more fun and safer, too. Skid plates are a very good idea for any trail, and if you’re doing the Rubicon Trail Jamboree, they’re a requirement. Rock rails are suggested for all longer wheelbase vehicles like the Liberty, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee.

It’s also strongly recommended that you bring your own tow straps. Heavy-duty 20-foot nylon straps with looped ends are suggested. You’re not allowed to use straps with metal hooks for safety, so get a pair of looped straps for your ride, you’ll be glad you did. Finally, Jamborees allow for up to six inches of lift and tires up to 37 inches. Exceeding these can get you turned away without refund, so make sure to check with the Jamboree organizers if you have questions.

Jeep Jamboree Cost

Attending a Jeep Jamboree definitely isn’t free. While pricing varies based on the venue, expect it to be well upwards of $250 per adult. There are family rates as well as discounts for active duty military. So what does this money buy you? For starters, this pays for all of the necessary permits and land-use fees for your trip. The fee also pays the guides as well as provides food for you during the trip. Finally, you get a dash plaque to commemorate the trail you conquered.

Most importantly though, you get to drive on some pretty amazing trails, some of which are only open to attendees of the Jeep Jamboree. In other words, if you’re looking for an amazing trail to attack and some help doing it, the fee is money well spent. You can sign up for a Jeep Jamboree with credit cards only at


Ready to get your Jeep on the trail? Check here for more information on Jeep Jamborees and check here to see what Jamborees are available near you.

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