5 Truck Bed Accessories to Upgrade Your Rear

5 Truck Bed Accessories to Upgrade Your Rear February 27, 2015

When upgrading your truck there’s one area that’s often overlooked, and that’s the bed. Most of us just think of truck beds as a place to load up, but in reality your truck’s bed makes up much of the body of your truck, making it prime real estate for upgrades and customizations.

Truck bed upgrades come in all shapes and sizes, but the five listed below are our favorites that give you the most bang for your buck. Here’s our top 5 upgrades for the bed of your truck.


The bed of your truck can fit quite a bit of, well, stuff in it. Be it camping gear, fire wood, or your mobile tool shed, you can haul a lot in the bed of your truck. The problem isn’t how much you can fit into your bed, but how you’re going to load and unload it easily.

What you need is a bedslide. A bedslide is mounted into the bed of your truck and literally slides in and out of your bed with all your gear on it. Now you can load and unload your truck while standing comfortably on the ground and push it in when you’re done. Bedslides can be as light or heavy duty as you need, ranging from ½ ton payload up to a full ton. A great place to learn more and purchase a bedslide is Amazon.com

Side Rails

If you commonly tie items down in the bed of your truck you know the pain of finding a good anchor point. While there are points in each corner, your only other option is to use hooks in the slots in the sides of the bed, which can cause damage.

Instead of this, you can install a set of bed rails and add a nearly infinite ability to customize how you tie down loads. Side rails bolt on and are commonly made of stainless tube steel. They’re easy to bolt on and generally very strong and durable. If you get a polished finish they’ll even add some extra flair to an otherwise dull area of your truck. DeeZee.com has some simple yet great side rails for a variety of trucks.

Bed Extender

It never fails. The ladder, wood, or pipes you need to haul are always just a little bit longer than the bed of your truck with the tailgate up. This generally leaves you two options. 1. Haul the load with your tailgate up, but with it resting tied down on the gate. This works, but can cause your tailgate damage. 2. Keep the tailgate down but tie the load down extremely tight to stop it from moving. This works as well, but can be dangerous since there’s nothing behind your load.

You can have the best of both worlds by installing a bed extender. These U-shaped additions rotate out with the tailgate down to allow you to add that extra bit of length to your bed that you always end up needing. A great secondary feature is giving you a small area with the tailgate up to keep boxes and other items from sliding around. Amp Research makes some pretty great bed extenders that fit a variety of trucks.

Headache Rack

Nobody likes a headache, right? Nothing causes a headache quicker than something in the bed of your truck coming through your rear window and smacking you in the back of the head. 

To keep this from happening and keep your rear glass in one piece, the headache rack was invented. Basically a hard-core roll bar, a headache rack keeps you safe while looking great. Magnum Manufacturing makes a variety of headache racks that can even include additional taillights and louvers to keep you cool.

Wheel Well Storage

If you need to store tools and other small, expensive items in the bed of your truck, tool boxes are a great way to keep your stuff safe. In the past however, truck bed boxes were large, unsightly, and generally took up so much space that the bed of the truck was largely useless.

Enter the wheel well box. These custom-designed boxes are made for each model truck to fit perfectly against the side of the truck, hugging the wheel well to take up as little space as possible.

You get locked secure storage and don’t lost any of the upper height or between-wheel width. Check out DeeZee.com again for a variety of these ranging from poly plastic to diamond print steel.

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