The Coolest Mercedes G Wagen ever is all Camo and Awesome March 05, 2015

From the factory the Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen, or G Wagen is pretty amazing. These full-size luxury SUVs are often seen in rapper’s driveways as often as they are tearing it up on safari. Amazing in both capability and luxury, the G Wagen is an expensive mix of show and go that’s hard to beat. 

While not everyone might love the boxy look the G Wagen has to offer, the performance is something just about everyone can enjoy, for a price. So how do you take something that’s already near the top of its game and push it well over the top into truly amazing? Well, for starters you put some falcons in the seats and build the body panels out of carbon fiber, that’s how.

You read that right, falcons and feathers embroidered and pressed into the custom leather seats and interior, and body pieces made from carbon fiber instead of that annoyingly heavy metal us commoners are forced to deal with. Oh, and did we mention the entire thing is desert camouflage, because it is. Interested? Good, because there’s a lot more than falcons and camo in this Wagen.

The Fastest G Wagen Around

The higher-end G Wagen comes with a hefty V8 that’s no slouch when it comes to speed or power, but the guys at Mansory weren’t happy with this and decided to give their Sahara Edition G Wagen quite a few more ponies under the hood.

Mansory starts with a G63 AMG G Wagen from Mercedes-Benz and from there take AMG’s twin-turbo V8 and upgrade the pistons, connecting rods, big end bearings, crankshaft, crank, and cylinder heads to give the beast 828 horsepower and a limited 737 ft lbs of torque. Why is the torque limited? Well, any more and you’d rip the gearbox apart, and that would really limit your fun, wouldn’t it?

The wheels and tires are upgraded to work with the swifter engine, giving you 22-inch wheels with 305/35 tires. To accommodate the larger wheels fender flares are added, but as with the book where the mouse ate a cookie, to accommodate the larger fender flares the bumpers need replaced. To protect where the new bumpers aren’t, new underside protection is added.

With all that power the engine needs some help breathing, so low-profile side pipes are added to give the beast not only a stronger exhale, but an amazing sound that will make the camo paint job pretty useless.

The additional body pieces are made of carbon fiber that’s custom-made for Mansory’s G Wagen, including a custom hood, fender flares, bumpers, and roof accessories. In short, if it’s not a door or frame, it’s probably carbon fiber. 

All that carbon finer is covered in a custom desert camo paint job that’s more striking than gaudy, and that’s a very good thing. For as much as this baby costs, you don’t want it to look ridiculous.

The Interior

Things only start to get ridiculous when you get inside the G Wagen. For starters there are falcon heads emblazoned on the headrests. To match the headrests, the seat bolsters show the falcon’s wings. Continuing the falcon imagery the door panels have another set of wings each, and the dash has a mix of wings and camo to make a smooth yet wild look.

Camo is carried through the center console into the rear of the SUV, giving it an all-inclusive look that while crazy at times, is cohesive and honestly, damn good looking.

The Mansory Sahara Edition G Wagen is nothing short of amazing, but all this awesomeness comes at a price. What is that price you ask? Well, if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it, so like us you’re probably left drooling, but also like us, you won’t have to explain to your neighbors why you have a camouflaged SUV parked in front of your house, too.

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