Check out the 6x6 Flying Huntsman in All its Military-Grade Glory March 09, 2015

If a 4x4 is good, then a 6x6 should be great, right? If you’re talking about the Flying Huntsman, then the answer is a resounding yes. Built by British outfitter Kahn Design, the Flying Huntsman is built on the frame of a Land Rover Defender but beyond that it’s all custom. Currently only a working prototype, the Flying Huntsman looks amazing, works exceedingly well, and can be built to include as much armor as you feel is necessary.

The Flying Huntsman

Before becoming a Flying Huntsman 6x6, these vehicles start their lives as Land Rover Defender 110s. Kahn kept all the amazing pieces of these tried and true off-road machines and cleared out the less-than-reliable bits. The most notable change behind the scenes is the engine. Kahn opted to nix the Land Rover powerplant for a much more powerful and reliable 6.2L LS3 V8 from General Motors that’s good for 430 horsepower. The larger engine required 15-inches of extra room added to the front end of this wild looking machine.

To get that power to the ground, Kahn also installed a 6-speed automatic gearbox with tap shift control. The SUV is all-wheel drive of course, and that includes the 3rd axle. Speaking of that third axle, it’s not just there for show. The brakes and suspension systems have been heavily modified to fit the additional axle and treat it like it was always there.

The rear of the Huntsman has been stretched 30 inches inside, and the A-pillar was re-designed to give the windscreen a better view than the Defender ever had. Because of all these changes, every exterior panel is new from the front to the back. The new design only hints at the truck’s origins, but keeps enough for the lineage to show through.

The only downside to the Huntsman is the door layout. To make it the proper size while allowing for the 3rd axle Kahn had to go with the 3-door Defender instead of the 5-door. This means getting in and out of the rear of the SUV can be a little tricky to say the least. Thankfully the doors have been extended to help with this, but it’s still a little tricky.


To say the Flying Huntsman comes with a bevy of options would be a pretty big understatement. For starters, you can choose a few different suspensions including a full air version as well as even higher-upgraded brakes. There’s full locking differentials that operate at the push of a button, and even a clean water storage system for extended treks.

Not all the options are nuts and bolts however. The Flying Huntsman can even come with thermochromic paint that changes color with heat! There are less flashy upgrades as well, most notably the armor options. The Flying Huntsman can be upgraded with a variety of armor options to make it as secure as you need, up to and including state dignitary-level protection from top to bottom, undercarriage included.

There’s a built-in winch option, bucket seats, and even a safari package that gives the Huntsman a full external framework, roll cage, rock rails, and even a high-water crossing system with a snorkel and waterproofing. 

In short, the Flying Huntsman 6x6 is one badass piece of on and off-road hardware. While the working dem was just released at the Geneva Auto Show there no comment from Kahn on pricing just yet, but with all the upgrades shown, it’s a fair bet that a fully-loaded and armored version will run upwards of $500,000.

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