Big in All the Right Places: The Chelsea Wide Track Pickup March 27, 2015


Big trucks are pretty cool. You don’t have to be an off-roading fanatic to love a giant, lifted truck. Even from the factory, bigger trucks like the Ford F-Series lineup and the Ram trucks are just great. While we love our big trucks, we can’t discount the cool factor that small trucks have, too.

Small trucks re great ways to get the truck feeling with the footprint of a car. While not exactly what we’d call a truck at first, the Land Rover Defender 2.4 makes for a pretty great small truck. It’s tough while staying on the smaller side of things. So what happens when you take a small truck like the Defender and deck it out with a wide body kit? Well, if you’re Chelsea Truck Company, you do an amazing job and end up with the Chelsea Wide Track Pickup.


Chelsea Truck Company is a British-based off-road shop that works magic on Land Rovers as well as Jeep Wranglers to make them into functional works of off-road art. Chelsea takes the already boxy yet beautiful defender and builds it out to resemble a utility truck from a dystopian future we’ve seen in the movies.


While Chelsea tries to keep things boxy yet beautiful on the outside it’s all luxury on the inside. The two seats are of the Sports GTB variety and feature quilted and perforated leather.

Moving back outside, wide body kit is accented by the 1939 Defend Retro Dished wheels wrapped in 8.5” x 16” 275/55/20 off-road tires. As seen in the pictures here, this design is solely being sold in the dust green/orange/black that’s so striking.


While sold by Chelsea, the design is all Kahn, which we know from far wilder builds than this. The truck looks beautiful, but if you’re looking for engine upgrades you’re out of luck. The Defender is sticking with it’s 2.4-liter TDCI engine from Ford that’s good for 135 HP and 277 lb-ft of torque. While not terrible, it won’t win you any races. But looking the way it does, you might want to be a little slower to be seen.

Sure, this is mostly a smaller truck with quite a bit of body kit added, but after looking at this beauty, it’s hard to argue that it’s done just right.

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