What on Earth is This Mercedes Benz Pickup Truck? April 02, 2015

When someone says they drive a Mercedes the first thing that comes to mind is probably a sleek metallic gray sedan or possibly a convertible coupe. What you probably wouldn’t think about is a pickup truck, and for good reason. While Mercedes builds vans and larger trucks, they’ve only built one truck before and it looked….interesting

The new version that was just announced is looking a lot better, and a little familiar, too. While the new truck looks as classy as any other Mercedes, it bears a striking resemblance to Nissan’s Navara, which is sold in most other markets than the US and is known as the Frontier here. No, Mercedes didn’t steal the look; they actually are looking at working with Nissan to not only help build them, but to use their platform itself! That’s right, the Germans asking the Japanese for help with a car. It must be true that anything can happen.

So why would Mercedes try to build a truck, let alone with the help of Nissan? The midsize truck market is pretty full as it is, but none of the trucks currently there could be considered luxury. It seems that Mercedes sees an opportunity to fill a perceived gap in the industry and get trucks in the hands of those who crave luxury as well as towing capacity.

We can’t lie, the thought of an AMG midsize pickup truck does sound amazing, but as we mentioned above the truck will rely heavily on Nissan’s current platform, which may impose some limitations on engine, transmission, and overall design. While these will all come from Mercedes, they will need to fit into the current platform.

Sadly, it’s not likely that we’ll see this bad boy in the US though. Mercedes says the target market for the luxury truck will be Europe, South Africa, Latin America, and Australia. While this is partially due to the fact that the newest Nissan midsize truck is also not available in the US, Mercedes doesn’t want to get into a turf war with the big kids on the block including Toyota with their Tacoma, Chevy with the Colorado, GMC with the Canyon, and of course the older model Frontier from Nissan. The midsize truck market is toughest in the US, so steering clear is really in their best interest, even if it would be amazing to see these cruising around.

This isn’t to say there isn’t competition in the midsize market around the world however. Volkswagen has their Amarok and Toyota have their bulletproof Hilux, and while both are far from luxury, they’re still stiff competition. Overall, the Mercedes pickup could be amazing if done correctly, and while it will look a lot better than the original Mercedes midsize pickup, it’s still a Mercedes pickup, which is something we’ll definitely need to get used to.

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