The Shelby Baja 700 Ford Raptor is a Striped Thing of Beauty April 21, 2015

Shelby American is known for making cars look good and go fast. Shelby’s love affair with Ford vehicles has been around for some time and while most of their attention goes to the Mustang, they have been known from time to time to share the love to some other offerings from Ford, too. Take for example the Baja 700, a truck that started life as a more than comparable F-150 Raptor only to get the royal treatment from the folks at Shelby to become something truly amazing.

The Raptor starts out with a 411 horsepower 6.2-liter V8, which is more than enough to move it to the front of the class when talking about midsize truck performance, but after getting upgraded by Shelby the truck boasts 700 horsepower for nearly double the original ponies. So how do they do it? While black magic can’t be ruled out, it seems that the power comes from a perfectly mated set of upgrades that together make a magic of their own.

The Upgrades

As with most of Shelby’s offerings, the Baja 700 is actually a kit that combines parts from various sources. The start of the show is the 2.9-liter Whipple Supercharger. Most of the other engine upgrades are included to make the most out of this big bad blower. Speaking of those, the kit also includes larger throttle bodies, increased flow injectors and a heavy-duty heat exchanger. To keep things breathing on the other end there’s a header-back Borla exhaust.

In order to keep up with the performance upgrades, the suspension has to be tweaked as well. This includes a set of 3” King remote-bypass shocks and 18” Custom Fuel wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich KO2 All-Terrain Tires. Rogue Racing provides upper and lower control arms, and the suspension as a whole is upgraded to a full competition level.

Optional but definitely awesome features include the Rogue Racing front and rear bumpers that include the Shelby logos, dual front Rogue 40” Radius LED lightbar, AMP electric side steps, and fully upgraded headers.

Look and Feel

Not everything on the Baja 700 is performance related. The folks at Shelby are master of styling, which means you should expect nothing but the best from them here, too. Along with the Shelby badging on the outside, there’s a new stylized tailgate, fender vents and the blue and white stripe livery that screams Shelby.

Skid plates are added for show, but will definitely protect you, too. Inside you’ll find custom Katzkin leather seats, Baja 700 floormats and a Shelby 3-gauge dash pod. Each truck is numbered with dash and engine plates, making these impossible to counterfeit easily.

Shelby is only making 50 of these bad boys, so if you want to find one you better hurry up. The trucks are going for $45,000, which is a steal for the upgrades, which means these won’t be around for long and will probably be in auto auctions in the coming years.

You cal learn more about the Baja 700 from Shelby here.

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