The Fab Four Legend April 23, 2015

At the annual SEMA show there are clean, low-key vehicles that showcase a company’s wares in a way that helps you see how they will look on your ride. While these are great, the real stars of the show are the weird and wild vehicles that take upgrading and customization to the extreme. These kings of the show are big, colorful and downright amazing. One such ride is the Legend, created by Fab Four.

The Legend started its life as a 4-door Jeep Wrangler but from there it got the royal treatment. First, Fab Four performed a 4-inch chop on the roof and replaced all the glass with custom pieces to fit the now shorter openings. Because of this though, none of the windows go down, which is a small price to pay for that killer look.


The other big upgrade you should notice immediately is the massive wheels. The rims are American Force Faceplate Series that were custom painted high-gloss red and wrapped in enormous 50-inch tractor tires. Surprisingly enough, much of the suspension in the Legend is stock. The only changes that were made are in place to accommodate the larger wheels. These upgrades include moving the wheels out 10-inches in the rear and a full foot in the front. To handle the larger tire layout the steering was also upgraded to a fully hydraulic setup. 

Speaking of stock items, the guys at Fab Four chose not to tinker with the stock 6-cylinder engine and leave it fully stock. This was done partially for time constraints as well as budget and overall reliability. The gears were changed up to support the larger wheels however with a set of 5/38 gears. The one interesting change though is the lack of a muffler. This definitely makes the Legend sound meaner and lets you know it’s coming.

To accommodate the larger wheels, the guys at Fab Four custom made each of the four fenders covering the tires. These angular creations are one-offs but may see production some day.

In the front is Fab Four’s “Grumper,” which is their combination grill and bumper for the Jeep. Sadly, the fabricators ran out of time before CES and had to use a hastily-made rear bumper, which should be replaced once the truck starts hitting the show circuit.

Finishing off the exterior you’ll notice the red tint is very prominent. This obviously not street legal tint job looks amazing but does make the Legend less than comfortable to drive. The other huge feature that you probably didn’t even notice is the brushed stainless steel vehicle wrap. The flawless looking paint job is nothing more than an expertly applied vinyl wrap. The Jeep underneath is still a shiny black like it came from the factory.

Finishing off the outside appearance are the offroad-only LED taillights that replace the larger, bulkier stock housings. The headlights also have red LED halo rings in them to finish off the mean red look.

Inside there aren’t too many upgrades to speak of except for a smaller steering wheel and the leather wrapped dash. Other than this, it’s mostly stock. Overall, the Legend is one mean looking ride and we're hoping to see it street legal and produced very soon.


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