The Flying Huntsman Pickup Truck May 07, 2015

You don’t have to be a safari expert to love the Land Rover Defender. The simple, classic design that’s rugged, strong, and very capable makes it one of the most popular SUVs around the world. The folks at Kahn Design love the look and functionality of the Defender but wanted to make it even better. They started by turning this classic SUV into a 6x6 beast that will roll over just about anything, and while it’s pretty amazing, Kahn didn’t want to stop there.

No, just making one variation on the Defender wasn’t enough for Kahn Designs, so they decided to build a smaller yet equally tough version for those of us that think the defender would make a perfect small truck. Enter the Flying Huntsman Pickup Truck in all it’s short-bed glory.

The Flying Huntsman 105 Pick Up turns the SUV into a two-seater with an open bed and the same stretched nose that’s seen in the other Flying Dutchman variations. The pickup is based on the Defender 90, but the changes to it are pretty impressive. First, Kahn adds 15 inches to its wheelbase and front end as well as half a foot to the width. Outside you’ll find new fenders, wheel arches, headlights, grille, bumpers (front and back), side steps, and larger 18-inch wheels.

While you could easily fit a V8 under that extra-large hood, Kahn opted for a 2.2-liter diesel. This gives the truck both fuel economy and reliability that’s rock solid. The truck keeps the Defender’s 4x4 power distribution and the power gets to the wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission. The brakes and suspension are fully reworked to adjust both ride height and stopping power, rounding out the performance package nicely.

Inside, the front seats have been replaced with GTB Sport Seats, and the dash, center console, and headliner have all been reupholstered to match perfectly. You’ll find all new hardware inside for door handles, sun visors, and an updated instrument cluster… basically everything inside the Defender was replaced and upgraded. Event he steering wheel is fresh and new, using one of Kahn’s billet aluminum models.

Talking about cost, the Flying Huntsman 105 Defender Pickup Truck is only available across the pond, and there it will set you back around £59,000, which equates out to nearly $90,000. While this isn’t an enormous amount for a completely custom Defender, the smaller engine seems to stand out like a sore thumb. Sure, the 2.2L diesel is rock-solid in both fuel economy and reliability, but for $90k we’d expect a solid V8 humming along under that elongated hood, or else why does it even exist?

In short, the Flying Huntsman Pickup Truck is clean, sharp, and downright beautiful in a utilitarian sort of way. While we doubt anyone will be using it to haul much of anything around, it’s a great reimagining of the tried and true Defender.

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