The Hilux is Back for 2016 In a Big Way May 28, 2015

Sold in over 180 countries, the Toyota Hilux is more than your typical truck. Touted by many (Top Gear UK included) as the toughest truck in the world, the Hilux is known for being nearly indestructible with rock-solid reliability.

The Hilux started its life in 1968 with the first generation N10. From here the truck has gone through seven generations and a few updates for specific markets. The newest generation 8 Hilux was just announced, and it looks great, as long as you don’t look at the extended bed version. The 2015 model, released in both Bangkok and Australia, took the best the Hilux had to offer and updated it with polled requests from current Hilux drivers. Included in the updates is a stronger, yet more flexible frame to reduce cabin noise as well as increase overall comfort.

Starting with the engine, the version released in Bangkok was a 2.7L diesel with 177hp and 332 lb/ft of torque. There will also be a 2.4L turbo diesel version with 160hp and 295 lb/ft of torque as well as a 4L straight 6 gasoline model with 278hp.

Talking about design, the new Hilux is a big improvement on the last two generations. Gone are the fat and wavy lines that remind you of an older Corolla and in are the more pronounced body lines of a truck that truly looks like it was designed for 2015. The front end is vastly improved, and even the quad cab looks more sleek than the seventh generation ever could have hoped to be. The back half of the truck however is similar to previous models, but then again, you can only redesign the bed of a truck so many times.

While the Hilux is the world’s favorite commercial vehicle, the interior is anything but commercial. The fit and finish inside the latest Hilux is akin to those found in higher-end trucks, which is a very good thing. The Hilux may be a workhorse, but even horses love a little comfort. The dash is similar to Toyota’s car lineup including an available video infotainment system and even an automatic transmission!

While those of us in the states don’t see too much to be excited about with a new Hilux, the sheer volume of this truck’s sales throughout the world means it’s a very big deal when it’s changed as much as this version has been. In Australia the Hilux has been the best selling commercial vehicle for the last 17 years as well as the third best seller of any vehicle in any class for seven years. As mentioned above, the Hilux is sold in 180 countries around the world, which is pretty impressive seeing that there are only around 195 total. This means all total, Toyota has sold around 16 million (!!!) Hiluxes since its inception in 1968.

In short, the new Hilux is a very big deal, and it’s sad that it won’t be coming to the United States any time soon. For now we can dream and hope that Toyota makes their total Hilux-loving countries 181 very soon.

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