Party Extreme With the RedBull Party Trucks June 25, 2015

RedBull is known for being pretty extreme in their love of extreme sports and partying, and recently they decided to put these two loves together and make the party a little more, well, extreme.

Just because you’re down the trail and miles away from the nearest paved road doesn’t mean you have to rely on your truck’s speakers for the music if you’re with RedBull that is.

Along with hundreds of small cars, trucks, and SUVs that roam the country promoting the energy drink, RedBull has their fleet of International MXTs that bring the party to wherever it needs to be. The fleet consists of eight MXTs (Military Extreme Trucks) that are stationed around the country so the extreme party is never too far away.

As any good truck owner should do, RedBull named each International MXT to give them a personality of its own. They are:

  • Delores – Colorado and Utah
  • Hot Truck – General North East US
  • Cate – Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas
  • Wally – New England
  • Big T – Texas
  • Dixie – Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North & South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida
  • Marlin – Southeast US, Primarily Florida coast
  • Rosie – Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky

International MXT

Part of Navistar International’s Extreme Truck Series, the MXT is an all-wheel drive truck that weighs in at 18,000 pounds from the factory. It comes with a MaxForce 7 V8 that’s mated to an Alison 2200 RDS 5-speed automatic transmission.

Sticking to its name, there are quite a few military-esque versions of the MXT, all looking pretty tough.

RedBull obviously didn’t keep their models stock too long, and its those changes that make them true go-anywhere self contained parties on wheels.

RedBull Wheels

Starting in the back, RedBull decided that just putting speakers in the back of the trucks was from enough, so they made the entire back half of the truck motorized so it can raise up to give the truck a 365-degree range of audio. 

That’s right, from the outside the trucks look like painted and stickered up promotional vehicles but inside they’re packing a party. The trucks are built to go just about anywhere, and RedBull takes full advantage of this idea, sending them down the trail, on the beach, and even on the slopes to cheer on snowboarders.

The loadout on each varies slightly from one truck to another, with Cate being the weird one in the group. You see, Cate, named for Catherine O’Leary, the alleged cause of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, isn’t an International at all. This truck started her life as a Chicago fire truck and still keeps those looks, albeit darker and, well, cooler looking.

If you want to know more about the RedBull trucks, you can follow them on Instagram here, and read more about them here.

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