Great Reasons For Owning A Train Horn

Great Reasons For Owning A Train Horn November 02, 2016


With the popularity of off-roading on the rise, truck drivers have a mounting responsibility to make sure that their trucks are equipped with the proper safety features. A train horn is one of the best accessories to help prevent accidents and injury to drivers, bystanders, and wildlife. Below are the top four train horn uses for drivers. 

1) A horn is needed to warn other vehicles that your truck is approaching. A growing number of truck drivers are choosing to go off-roading at night. Sometimes LED lighting is not enough to warn other vehicles that your truck is in the area. A horn is an effective warning that your truck is on the other side of a hill or around a curve.

2) You need a means of warning bystanders that your truck is nearby. The exciting nature of off-roading often attracts a live audience. As off-roading lacks the confines of a pre-determined path or road, it is easy for drivers to veer off their intended path. A strong train horn will warn people to move out of the path of your vehicle.

3) Horns are used to avoid injury to animals that wander into your truck’s path. As an off-road truck driver, you will likely encounter more wildlife than other vehicles or drivers. An accidental collision with a deer or other animal can injure the animal and sustain costly damage to your truck. A train horn will spur unsuspecting animals to move out of the path of your truck.

4) A horn can be used as a means of signaling distress if your truck crashes. The potential to experience a crash or injury is one of the unfortunate risks that drivers take when they choose to go off-road in their trucks. Given the remoteness of locations that drivers often choose for off-roading, an injured driver may be a long way from help if tragedy strikes. A strong train horn can be an effective distress signal to an injured driver who is unable to physically seek help.

Choosing the Best Train Horn Provider  

Not all retailers are created equal. As you evaluate companies that sell train horns, you should seek a provider that has the industry experience to guide you in your purchase. has established itself as a leader in the train horn industry. In addition to our own Loud Mouth kits, we offer the following benefits to buyers:  

  • A one year warranty on all horns
  • Free shipping to all customers in the lower 48 U.S. states
  • A promise not to provide or sell your contact information to third party vendors
  • A 100% refund on unused horns returned in original packaging within 15 days

For guidance in choosing the best train horn for your vehicle, please contact us. We look forward to helping you select a high quality train horn that will best meet your needs.


*Horns plays a critical role in the safe operation of your truck. However, vehicle owners should remember that a horn should never be misused. Many horns designed for off-roading are not designed for use on state roads and highways.*

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